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Development Process & Technology

1. Discovery Process
First we learn in detail all the goals of the client. If applicable, we will provide feedback and recommendations. Next we prepare a thorough development plan, considering everything required to meet the client's goals.

2. Design Process
After the development plan has been discussed and agreed upon, a set of 2 or 3 graphic design style mockups are created for the client to choose from.

3. Wire-framing
Based on planning and chosen design, wire frames of all main project pages are created. These are then discussed with the client and any new considerations raised are resolved at this time.

4. Database Design
Based on planning and wire-frames the initial database design is conceived for efficiency, modularity, and scalability (the keys to an effective long term database design).

5. Programming
The design mockups & wire-frames are brought to life as they are programmed into fully functioning web pages with dynamic database interactivity.

Most projects are programmed with a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and AJAX. Some projects also use Flash elements and other technologies are used as necessary.

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